Written by Konstantinos Konstantinidis Amphiktyon

It is indeed surprising how far our ancient ancestors had advanced in thought, and even in a critical issue concerning “aunts” for which the world is fighting each other even today and people are being slaughtered in the Middle East, Asia and elsewhere.

Orpheus was the first to write Cosmogony, Theology, Mysteries, Orgies and more. But he never used violence to enforce it. His writings were lost, but his teachings remained with the Pythagorean and Platonic philosophers. He painted the beginning of the World as a Dragon with two heads of a bull and a lion and a face of sulfur in the middle, and golden wings on the shoulders. Does the Chinese Dragon mean anything to you?

Orpheus taught the Holy Logos to the Greeks and other peoples (Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Persians, Indians, and Chinese (Sinos), about the pattern of the “unborn egg”. From this were born Cupid, Necessity, and Saturn ( = Time) gave birth to Aether and Eros (i.e. androgynous-so that today they want to modify the natural laws) the younger ones called him Fanita etc. Orpheus is the founder of the Orphic cult and leader together with Jason of the Argonautic Expedition of the Orphic Hymns we are informed that the Greeks had advanced knowledge about the Solar system, the movements of the Stars and about most matters of daily life many thousands of years ago.

Religion from Hermes Trismegistus The Phoenician writer Sanchuniathon examined the writings of Taautus (= Hermes of Trismegistus) the wisest man born in the World. Hermes Trismegistus first found the letters and wrote a history of the beings and that this history was the true one of what happened. But the superstitious and vainglorious priests kept it secret like a mystery and turned it into cold allegories of the truth. Finally they made supposed gods, the virtuous and benefactors of the then savage and merciless people. For this reason they deified them and honored them for the virtue of their beneficence and to induce the adversary of men to imitate them. Dionysus is the first imitator of Jupiter, surrounded the world of benefactors, taught them arts and experiences. Heracles imitated Dionysus, Theseus imitated Heracles, and many great men intervened until the historical era when Themistocles, the leader of the naval battle of Salamis, imitated Miltiades, the leader of the Battle of Marathon. Modern Greece produced very few such great leaders, such as Theodoros Kolokotronis, Ioannis Kapodistrias, Georgios Karaiskakis, Dimitrios Ypsilantis, Eleftherios Venizelos, Ioannis Metaxas and others.

Asylums in antiquity Our ancient ancestors highly respected the asylum. Asylums were certain places with privileges respected by the leaders and administrations in which the inadvertent killers, the hated enemies of the tyrants and those in danger of execution if caught found refuge. Such places were: Temples, Altars, Groves, Temples, tombs and statues of Heroes. This habit is so old that it is lost in the depths of prehistory. No other people practiced the respect of asylum. Demosthenes drank the medicine (poison) and died in the temple of Poseidon and Pausanias stoned himself to death in the temple of Chalkioiko Athena and died of hunger. Other peoples did not respect asylums. BC Solomon killed Joab on the altar. When society became corrupt, Asylums became refuges for criminals and criminals and were gradually abolished. .

How did the worship of the Unknown Gods arise? Epimenides was the first to introduce the worship of unknown gods in Athens shortly before the Median wars. The reason was the following: Cylon the Athenian Olympian son-in-law of Theagenus tyrant of the Megara and an eminent man wanted to seize the tyranny of Athens, and for this purpose he occupied the Acropolis. He had many other conspirators with him and he also had the help of his father-in-law. Their venture failed and, besieged by the ruler of Athens, Megacles, they were forced to take refuge as beggars in the Agama of the goddess Athena. The Athenians first promised not to kill them, then they killed them all. Some like Cylon and his brother resorted to the altar of the Modest Gods. But they also killed them, not respecting their immunity. This is the fabled “Cylonian Agos,” who troubled Athens with various miseries because Athena was enraged at the disrespect they showed her face when they came as her supplicants and killed them. Their killers were called “plaintiffs” (disgraced) and were expelled from the city of Athens. Then they thought of Epimenides, a theophilous man, and because he was in Crete, they sent a ship with Nikias Nikiratos to bring him to Athens.

Epimenides came during the 46th Olympiad, cleansed the city and stopped the plague in the following way: He took white and black sheep and brought them to Areopagus. Then he dismissed them and said that people should follow them and where each one stood, there they should sacrifice it to the god to whom the nearest sanctuary belongs. But the sheep went to the plain where there was no sanctuary but green grass to eat. So there they sacrificed those who stood and made anonymous altars, which they called the “Unknown Gods”. Only in Attica did the Unknown Gods have altars and not only Athenian citizens but also foreigners prayed to them


1/ Do you go to Pakistan, Afghanistan or even Turkey, which is euphemistically called the “Turkish Republic”, to build a small church, or to set up an iconostand in a neighborhood where foreigners live? You will certainly be sentenced to many years in prison. Here the Kurds an ethnicity of about 20 million and they are forbidden to speak their language, to honor their heroes, to celebrate their holidays, to sing their songs under penalty of imprisonment. Their elected leaders are in jail. In occupied Northern Cyprus, the Turkish administration has turned Christian churches into shepherds’ houses, bars, museums, etc. In Dagestan, a few days ago, Islamists killed 19 people in a Christian temple and a Jewish synagogue.

2/ Israel did not respect the Orthodox Church during the bombings in Gaza.

3/ The Turks of Attila in 1974 did not respect the War Convention for the 1650 Greek and Cypriot prisoners whom they transported to Turkey and then disappeared as if by magic. Of course, the Greek Governments are also responsible for not bringing the issue to the higher bodies, even the UN, but on the contrary, they forgot about them.

4/ It is sad that the former P.t.D Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos does not know that the Greeks discovered the first script as has been proven by the decipherment of the Greek Linear Script II by Michael Ventris and his sudden and strange death in view and of the decipherment of the Greek Linear Script A’ and to repeat the well-known “tropia” at a conference in Italy that we borrowed the letters from the Phoenicians.

5/ Today even the asylum of the residence has been violated with the artificial civilization and every authority is able to monitor where you are, what you say, what you buy, what your behavior is, etc., Asylum now for the martyred “man” today it does not exist.

6/ After these, everyone can easily draw the conclusions of how far the world would have reached if the reactionary, obscurantist and theocratic forces of the East and also of Western Europe had not completely destroyed it in the 3-4th century (abolition of the parent religion , destruction of temples, monuments, libraries, customs, names, Olympic Games, even the abolition of the name “Greek” etc.)

How many lies and fairy tales have not been told to the people? Who has yet seen God beyond the images of the church and the dreamy visions of certain dreamers?

The Greek Orphic cult has Zagrea (Zagreus) as the great god of the Orphics. He was born of Persephone and Zeus transformed into an ophi. According to tradition, Zagreus spent six months in Hades and six months with the arrival of Spring he ascended to Earth

Moses of the Jews took the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai and they were given to him, (twice), engraved on two stone tablets, where it is implied that God himself (both times) quarried and engraved.

Christianity brought the “Son of God” down to Earth to be crucified and take away the sins of the world. An ancient process that symbolizes life and death in a continuous sequence and the will of man to transcend it and rise again as it happens with nature every spring.

Socrates told the Truth The world likes the myth and dislikes the cold truth as seen by the great philosopher Socrates, who said “I saw that I saw nothing” and this led him to prison and the hemlock.

Scientists lay siege to the Universe They are trying to penetrate its secrets and still have not found its building materials. Every time a new particle is thrown out and it disproves those who allegedly found the “God Higgs particle”

Are the faithful sheep? The symbolism  by sending sheep to find the place where they will build the altars of the “Unknown Gods” may be  they wanted to  equate the faithful with sheep looking to find God?  Nobody have seen the God

Therefore, the “discovery” of Epimenides was and remains for humanity even today lifesaving and necessary to put an end to a world torn apart by religious strife. Greece has given all standards to humanity free and uncharitable. The problem is that due to ignorance they cannot realize that there are solutions, that is to build temples in all the countries of the UN to the “Unknown Gods” (29/6/24)


Amphiktyon  is  Major General Konstantinos Konstantinidis

Writer, Member of the Society of Greek Writers





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