Written by Konstantinos Konstantinidis Amphiktyon

The Professor of History at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Nikos Vassiliadis, said: “Turkey has no history but a criminal record” This is what I will try to present to you below:

1878 June 4 Turkey sells Cyprus to England

1879 Drowning in blood Kurdish revolution in Badiman by Obeydalla

1894 September to 1896. Sultan Abdul Hamit implements the Armenian Genocide policy. In August and September 1894, Armenians are massacred in Sassoon.

In October 1895 the first organized Genocide in Istanbul and Trebizond and in November and December 1895 the Turkish administration organizes a wide seal across Turkey

June 1896 the genocide of the Armenians of Van is carried out

After the occupation by the Armenians on 28-8-1896 of the Ottoman Bank, a terrible massacre took place in Constantinople. Total number of victims 300,000

1896 May 12 Massacre of Greeks in Crete in riots between Greeks and Turks

1909 End of March and new massacres are carried out by the Young Turks with Armenian victims in Adana, Tarsos and other cities of Cilicia. About 30,000 Armenians are murdered and among them are some American missionaries

1909 The Arab revolution in Yemen is drowned in blood by the New Turks

1911 on October 1 Bishop Emilianos is murdered in Grevena by the Turks

1912 Revolt in Mardin under Bedihan and in Remo and Bitlis under Seyh Selim

1912 Massacres of Greeks in Anat. Thrace during the retreat of the Turkish Army and looting of the cities, villages and burning of Didimoteich and Adrianople, with particular ferocity they treated Hellinikontati then Kesani with massacres, looting and burning of the cities and villages of the area

1913 February The Turkish authorities persecute the inhabitants of Krithea and force them to leave their homes and go to Western Thrace. Accompanied by brutal looting.

1913 Savage massacre of 15,690 Greeks With the recapture of the Eastern Thrace area by the Turkish army, a savage massacre of 15,690 Greeks also begins in the areas of Malgari and Harioupoli, where savage massacres of the inhabitants, looting and destruction of their homes take place.

1914 February 8 the Dane Westerneck and the Norwegian Hoft are appointed general inspectors of the Armenian territories

1914 May 25 The Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch protests the persecution of Christians and is forced to close churches and schools.

1914 May 27 Persecution of Pergamum Hellenism The Turkish authorities of Pergamum order the population of the city to leave within two hours. The terrified residents found refuge on the Greek island of Mytilene

1914 May – June Persecution of Hellenism in Western Asia Minor. The Turkish authorities use satanic means of oppression, intimidation and coercion to make the Greeks of Western Asia Minor leave. The coasts of Asia Minor where the Greek element lived are destroyed. In Eritrea and Phocaea the massacres of the Greeks were relentless

1914 July the general inspectors for the Armenian territories arrive in Constantinople and the Norwegian Hoft in Van

1914 July-August.”The infamous Labor Battalions. The Turkish Government organizes the “Forced Labor Battalions” Few of these inferno will return alive. This is an insidious method of killing Greeks and Armenians without expending a bullet. The toll on them is 400,000 Greeks who died of hunger, disease and all kinds of deprivation

1914 September Persecution of Greeks The Turks order the liquidation of the Makris region in SW Asia Minor. Many are murdered while the pursuit is accompanied by looting, violence and robberies.

1914 November Following the order of the Turkish Government in many villages of Eastern Thaki where the population was mostly Greek, their forced evacuation was ordered. (Neochorion, Galatas, Gallipoli etc.) Houses and shops were looted. Thousands then left their ancestral homes and came to Greece as refugees.

1914 November-December following an order of the Turkish Government, the evacuation of the areas of Vissi and 40 Churches was ordered. 19,000 were displaced to Anatolia and their possessions looted. According to the data of the Patriarchate, 119,940 Greeks were persecuted from Eastern Thrace.

1914 January – December More than 250,000 were exiled and imprisoned from the regions of Thrace and Smyrna. Their properties were confiscated by the Turkish state.

1914 During this time the Turkish government intensified the persecution of the Greeks. The Patriarchate protested strongly against Talaat Bey and its interior minister   of Turkey and visits the areas to examine the complaints but the persecutions intensified because the minister in cooperation with the local agencies made the persecutions more systematic

1915 April.” 1,500,000 are the victims of Armenians” Arrests of a large number of Armenian intellectuals and leaders of the Armenian community in Constantinople and the surrounding areas. They were deported to Anatolia and massacred on the way. Armenian soldiers in the Turkish army were captured and massacred by the thousands. The Armenian population was exiled to the Syrian desert where they were massacred by the hundreds of thousands by the Turkish army, rioters and civilians, or were left to die of hunger, hardship and disease. 1,500,000 are the victims of Turkish atrocities. This is the Genocide that the Turks celebrate as liberation

1915 June 13, the official declaration “on the Armenian extermination” was published by the Ottoman Government

1915 September 16. Extermination of Armenians Secret telegram from Aleppo area orders: “It is known that the government has declared the extinction everywhere of the Armenian population living in Turkey. O[pops who have a contrary opinion cannot be a member of the state service. It must be put to an end them without any compassion for women, children and persons with disabilities, regardless of the terrible means of disappearance. Minister of Interior Talaat Beys” This is not a mistake. It is an order of the Turkish government which was addressed to the Turks who are supposed to belong to the human race. Any comment is unnecessary.

1915 The Turks begin a fierce persecution against the Syrian Orthodox and Nestorians who lived in the districts of Hakar, Mardin and Midyat. Cruel massacre but not as well known as that of the Armenians. One of the first victims was Adai Ser Archbishop of Sert. General slaughter and complete destruction were its characteristics. Extinction was almost complete by the end of WW1 on 11/11/1918

1916 Destruction of the area of ​​Risaios Platanos in Pontos. Looting of the cities of Ofis, Sourmena, Gemoura. The looting was organized by the Ottoman state and the operation was overseen by Turkish officials under the leadership of Ahmet Bey and General Velip pacha.

1916 Killing of 45,970 Pontians The Turks force the inhabitants of various regions of the Pontus to migrate to Sivas. Only 550 survived out of 16,750 inhabitants. of the areas of Elevi and Tripoli. Of the 49,520 inhabitants of Trebizond, only 20,300 survived

1916 December 27. The provosts of Amisos and 4,000 Greek residents of the city were arrested and deported to Anatolia

1917 March 10. Syrian Genocide Confession Adil Bey, Deputy Leader of Lebanon officially stated in the Ottoman Parliament that only in Lebanon and Syria did they die of starvation and hardship caused by the Turkish administration

 1917 Spring. Eviction of 23,000 families from their homes in Kydonias by the Turkish administration

1917 November 400 Greek families were exiled from SW Turkey and their homes looted.

1918 January 8. US President Wilson proclaimed the Principle of Self-Determination of all the oppressed peoples of Turkey. Turkey wrote it on her … bloody shoes.

1918 April Another 8,000 Greek families were displaced from SW Turkey

1918 May 28 The independence of Armenia was proclaimed after the victory of the Armenian army over the Turkish

1918 June 4 Treaty of Batum After several months of fighting in which the Armenians fought alone against the Turks, they signed the Treaty of Batum in which Turkey recognized the Independence of the Armenian Republic, but did not adhere to it.

1919 June 25 French Prime Minister Clemanceau said of the Armenian massacres “In all history there is no similar example of such an organized heinous act” and no other

1920 January 19 Supreme Allied Council recognizes Armenian Independence

1920 The bishop of Trebizond Chrysanthos was sentenced to death in absentia by the Military Court of Ankara, while the bishop of Zillon was convicted and died in prison

1920 August 10 The signing of the Treaty of Sèvres foresees the Independence of Armenia, the self-determination of Kurdistan, the liberation of Eastern Thrace and the Smyrna region according to President Wilson’s declaration, and self-determination for all the peoples of Asia Minor. Wishes without substance

1920 September The Kemal state attacks Armenia. The Armenians are fighting desperately against the Turkish army. Finally the Armenians surrender on 2-12-1920. The Turks are spineless and do not keep treaties

The Turkish victory is followed by a general massacre of the Armenians and the secession of half of their state and incorporation into Turkey

1920 November 22 The Turkish-Armenian border mediation is submitted by US President Wilson. Hugs for Turkey

1921 June 3 Kemalists arrest !320 pro-proest Greeks in Sampsud

The next day they execute 701. The executed are thrown into a common pit behind Bekir pacha’s house. The rest are exiled inside Anatolia

1922 August 24 Occupation of Pergamum by the Turks The Turkish army occupies Pergamum. The Greeks run for their lives.

1922 September 9 The Turks occupy Smyrna. The city is set on fire and it burns from end to end. Wild massacres of Greeks and Armenians follow. Crowding of butchered and drowned corpses in the Gulf of Smyrna, and a commotion of those assembled on the quay to embark on some vessel, or to rush into the bay to escape the Turk’s knife and ax

The victims amount to approximately 150,000 people.

1922 October .300,000 Greeks in exile After the evacuation of the Greeks from Anat. Thrace were forced to leave their ancestral homes in which their ancestors lived since prehistoric times six thousand years ago.

1914-1922 October It is estimated that within 8 years the Greek Nation suffered from Turkey the most heinous Genocide:

1/ Organized Massacres – Genocides

a/ Pontus Greeks More than 350,000 victims of the Turkish genocide

b/ 325,000-400,000 refugees came to Greece

c/ Greeks of Asia Minor More than 400,000 were massacred, executed or died as a result of starvation, and the inhumane, criminal and barbaric conditions deliberately submitted to by the Turkish administration to die.

According to the book by Dr. Ioannis Papafloratos entitled “THE HELLENICISM OF PONTO”, Leimon Publications 2021

Total number of Greek victims of Asia Minor Genocide amount to 700,000-800,000 people

2/ Refugees in Greece. It is estimated that 1,700,000 were saved from Turkish brutality and of these 1,400,000 came to Greece from Eastern Thrace, Asia Minor and Pontus, 200,000 went to Russia from Pontus and the rest scattered all over the world . And to think that they lived in their homes since prehistoric times more than 7,000 years BC and were driven out by the Turko-Mongol tribe that arrived in Asia Minor in the 7th century

1924 July 10 Nasturi Kurdish revolution in Hakkari. drowned in blood by the 7th Corps of the Turkish Army after 79 days. 36 villages were destroyed while 12 were leveled.

 1924 March 3 The Great Kurdish Revolution in Elazig under Seyh Sait 10,000 Kurds occupy Harput and attack Diyarbakir the capital of Kurdistan. After the complete destruction of 48 villages, the revolution drowned in blood and they surrendered on 7-10-1927

1926 May 16 New Kurk revolution under Mount Agri. The rebels took the 28th Turkish Infantry Division hostage. The revolution spread to the areas of Hakkari, Siirt and Mardin. The revolution was drowned in blood when superior Turkish forces arrived on 7-17-1926

May 30 Great Kurdish Revolution in Diyarbakir and Agri under Seyh Enver. This was suppressed after fierce fighting on 7-10-1927. 2,000 Kurdish fighters were killed. For many days the waters of the Murat River were stained red with the blood of the slaughtered Kurdish fighters and civilians.

1928 Two Kurdish uprisings took place. The first under Resul Aga in Siirt and the second under Aga Can. More information is missing due to censorship by Military Law.

1930 June 2 New Kurdish uprising in Agri region suppressed 9-18-1930 and drowned in blood

1930 August 31 The Turkish newspaper Miliet published a Declaration by Turkish Minister of Justice Ismet Inonu: “Only ethnic Turks have national rights in the country. No other element has such rights.”

1930 September 30 The Turkish newspaper Milliyet publishes a statement by the Turkish Minister of Justice” The Turks are the only sovereigns in the country. Those who are not genuine Turks have no rights. The right to be servants and the right to be slaves” This is how Turkey feels human rights and treats the minorities of Armenians, Greeks, Syrians and Kurds. Even now 15 million Kurds have no schools, their language and even their dances are banned, their leaders are in prison or murdered and the people are disappearing

1935 Kurdish Uprising under Buban Bitlis in Siirt and under Abdul Rahman took place Eventually drowned in blood

1937 Kurdish uprising under Rayh Risa in Dersim There is no information because Martial Law is almost always in effect in these areas and censorship is absolute

1937 May 23 The Turkish government forbids the publication of the Constantinople newspaper Son Telegraph, because it refers to what the Kurdish people are suffering.

1938 November 10 Death of Kemal Atatürk the butcher as as he was called the Greeks, Armenians, Kurds, Syrians, Pontians and persecutor of all the ethnicities of Asia Minor. He saved Turkey from the dismemberment that would have solved the region’s problems. To this end, the economically powerful Khazars who, through Turkey, wanted to control the Middle East, the Black Sea, Russia and the SE Mediterranean up to the Balkans acted actively. They did not let the Allies implement the Self-Determination of the peoples and its fragmentation into smaller states, such as Ionia, Kurdistan, Pontus, the international city of Constantinople, Ankara, etc.

1941 May. When Greece fought a bloody battle against Nazism, Turkey conscripted twenty (20) classes of Greek and Armenian minorities who still lived in Turkey and had Turkish citizenship in order to exterminate them in the same way as it had exterminated the others after World War I. P sent them to the infamous “Forced Labor Battalions” As World War II had already been declared and everyone was busy with its development (Greece was still fighting alone against the German-Italian and Bulgarian forces), the Turkish criminals had the golden opportunity to carry out the heinous crime of genocide without any reaction from international public opinion.

1942 November 11 The disgraceful Property Taxation Law of non-Muslims, the religion infamous as (Varlik Vergisi), is passed. It is a heinous act of economic exhaustion of Greek and Armenian businessmen, who were defenseless against the excesses of the Turkish Authorities and the extortions of the rulers of economic authorities of Turkey. This is how the Greek Capital was lost in Turkey. But “we are not asking for anything from Turkey” according to the doctrine of the Greek Governments.

1955 September 6. The most brutal pogrom against the Greeks of the city. The Turkish authorities organized the great persecution of the Greeks of Constantinople. 29 Churches were burned, 46 were looted, the graves of the Ecumenical Patriarchs and the Christian cemeteries suffered terrible vandalism. Thousands of shops were destroyed. Hundreds of women were raped. Small scale vandalism and brutality also occurred in Smyrna. Franco-Levantine residents of Smyrna confessed to me that at least one wife of a senior Greek officer serving at the NATO Headquarters Smyrna (LANDSOUTHEAS) was raped in subsequent Turkish incidents due to the Cypriot

1974 July 20 The Turkish Army invades Cyprus, an independent and unfortified country member of the United Nations, and occupies by military force 36% of its territory under the pretext that this was necessary to protect the Turkish-Cypriot minority which was 18% of the entire population

1974 July – August Despite the decisions of the Security Council of the United Nations No. 353, 357, 358, 359, 360 etc. which ordered: “Withdrawal without delay from the Republic of Cyprus of foreign military personnel, the invading Turkish army has remained its presence in Northern occupied Cyprus until today’ (2024), when this article is being written”. of Turkey and to restore unity and peace on the island of Aphrodite.

Invasion results:

 3,000 (three thousand) Cypriots, mostly civilians, killed by Turkish forces

1619 Greek Cypriots the missing. These include civilians, women and small children. These people disappear during or even after the Turkish invasion of the areas occupied by the Turkish troops. For many of these people there are testimonies from eyewitnesses and international organizations, that armed groups of Turkish Cypriots and their detention for a period of time in Turkish prisons. No one was interested in them state or organization.

162,000 Refugees whose properties were looted and confiscated by the Cypriot pseudo-state of Northern Cyprus

The Greek ghost town of Famagusta still remains enclosed and blocked from its inhabitants inside barbed wire fences

1978 December 25 Turkish fascists massacre hundreds of Kurds in Marash

1978 December 28 Martial law is declared in 15 provinces of Turkish Kurdistan, banning for three years any information about the suffering of the Kurdish populations there. Because so far no reaction on the part of the International Organizations and the powers of the earth has been manifested to stop the genocides of Turkey, it has been encouraged and proceeds to eliminate the Kurdish ethnicity, as it has done so far with the Greek (Ionian Pontus, Cappadocia) Armenians , Assyrios et al

 1984 -1999 the Turks killed more than 40,000 Kurds Their leader Öcalan an armed revolution began with the PKK rebels to achieve the autonomy of Kurdistan. The Turkish army with NATO weapons smothered the revolution in blood, killing more than 40,000 Kurds, destroying from the ground up thousands of Kurdish villages and driving the Kurdish populations from their ancestral homes. With the arrest of Ocalan on February 15, 1999, Turkey formally suppressed the revolution. Ocalan is still in prison. No state supported the Kurdish uprising. How long will this ancient people be slaughtered in their homeland because they want to live free, speak their language, dance their dances, enjoy democracy, have their culture, etc.?

No one has bothered Turkey so far for the continuous Genocides and crimes against international and criminal law. Thus it continues unabated its fascist and Nazi policy transformed into a neo-Ottoman Empire with conquering visions from central Asia to the Caucasus, the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans, the Aegean, Western Thrace and Cyprus and now with the events in Gaza directly threatens Israel as well. The future will prove how barbaric her policy has been and continues to be

The free world will one day realize that Turkey has escaped human and divine measures and will have to pay for its crimes and return to the international order. It is criminal in a country that has committed and is still committing genocide to equip it with modern weapon systems such as F-16 air defense systems, missiles and modern technology

A Special Court for the heinous crimes of Turkey must now act. Before Turkey causes rivers of blood to be shed. Here is her criminal record. Let the legal world prepare the Legal Indictment so that Turkey can be summoned to the Special Court and sit on the Accused’s Bench


Persecution for Turkey means: Killings, vandalism, torture, beatings, rape of women-girls and the elderly, seizure of property, looting of property and valuables, burning of houses, seizure of property by Turks, exile and certain death of those sent to Anatolia

Exile for Turkey means: Expulsion from their homes with a bogo of things and a march on foot into the interior of Turkey towards Anatolia, with blows to the idlers and dufekism to those unable to continue. This meant certain death from hunger, thirst, disease, torture, ill-treatment, beatings, shooting those who could not follow, enslavement and looting from the villages they passed and those who finally reached Anatolia died in the quarries breaking stone under the most miserable conditions. , heat or cold, lack of food, care, etc. Beautiful girls took them for their harems. Thus Turkey disappeared the millions of Greeks, Armenians, Greek Pontians, Assyrians and Cypriots of Northern Cyprus

Nationalist Declarations. Either by the government or the press they meant the unleashing of persecution against minorities by the fanatical Turkish masses, without police intervention

Minorities of Turkey For Turkey it meant and still is a slave, a slave, a person without rights who at best had to disappear and at worst to be a slave and a slave and a second-class citizen who is not protected by the law but is at the disposal of every Turkish institution he may even find himself in prison for anti-Turkish activity Western declarations about Turkey. The Khazar Turko-Mongols did not even consider them and continue their work undisturbed

The data was taken from the great book “Molon Lave” by the distinguished lawyer and internationalist Thalis Mylonas, translated into Greek by the editor of the Study Konstantinos Konstantinidis Major General R.T Author an Poet

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