Our dear Kako, rejoice

beautiful princess of Akishino

sweet as the cooing of a thousand goldfinches

built bridges of Greek-Japanese friendship

you have become lovable in Greek society

ambassador for closer cooperation between our peoples

no, only in tourism and sports

but also in culture and technology

our people children of the sea like seagulls in

storm fly with the ships

Your name looks Greek

your imperial family is ancient

Your passing is spontaneous and friendly

we were fascinated by your Japanese costume

Princess Panoria of Japan

you visited our Greek islands and museums

you also ate food from the islanders’ kitchens

you gave us friendly feelings, stay healthy

From the Greek Pancratium to the judo that you are now spreading

body, spirit and soul of steel to the person it bestows

sport that hardens a person

without a weapon makes him worthy of a fighter

prepares him for life

with his powers to face her

with self-confidence equips him not to be timid

to fight and not to bend and in the end he will win

A scion of an imperial family

we admired your simplicity and wisdom

your Japanese dignity and sobriety

your self-discipline, kindness and goodness

You were not afraid to walk on the Greek islands

sights to see and outside the protocols to live

diligently cultivate the mutual relations of our peoples

the ancient Greek culture

and the modern Greek you better get to know them

You didn’t stand still for a moment

You went to visit the Panhellenic club

you were accepted by the state and political leadership

you moved the judo kids

with kindness one by one you greeted them heartily

and you won the sympathy of the Greeks

You with judo, Atremi with archery

Athena with the spear and all of you with feminine wisdom

Greek fiction proclaimed you an earthly goddess

Japanese and Greek philosophy is similar

shining like an Iris you radiate radiance

Kako a princess with visions

her proud people work wonders

he got to know our way of life here

with the Muses of Olympus he communicated

she compared him with hers and of course

agreed “similar and opposite”

they create a harmonious composition

Shinto and samurai you, we Zeus heroes and demigods

Let this visit, Kako, not be the last

every summer and a new experience in Greece

two heroic and mythical countries

peaceful messages to give to the others

our countries are prone to earthquakes, England brings us disasters

these complementary economies to become narrower

our cultural relations to thicken

Two anti-nuclear countries against war

and nuclear annihilation

to Mars another food to give

unless we are attacked like heroes we will defend ourselves

that’s why we are gearing up for war to get ready

we love and enjoy democracy

the Parthenon is our symbol and we admire it

We fight and condemn absolutism

Daughter of the Rising Sun

with rich sporting achievements and University degrees

the Kako new woman of modern life

of action, action and travel

we loved you for your modesty

and for your rich philhellenic feelings

we wish you health, happiness and everything your heart desires

I ask your sympathy for my impertinence in contacting the daughter of the Crown Prince of Japan Fumihito and High Princess Kito

With the niece of Emperor Naruhito. Grateful

Konstantinos Konstantinidis

Major General (age 95+)

Member of the Committee Against the Atomic Bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and ardent lover of Japan

Writer, Member of the Society of Greek Writers

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