Written by Konstantinos Konstantinidis Amfiktyon

Nuclear war hangs in the balance

Humanity whistles indifferently and does not burn a nail

in Ukraine and Gaza the open wound is getting worse

and humanity into chaos to lead it

East and West he walks foolishly

Without respect without justice

with only money in mind

and whoever gets the geopolitical wave

Palestine: Israel’s eternal victim

Everyone sees war as a solution

the multiple problems to solve them

new forces to the fore are presented

and the old ones are surprised

no one sits down to calculate its consequences

Blind leaders lead us to hell

whether the time is drawing near for the living to tell

“blessed are the dead who untimely went to darkness”?

the surplus of the useless population the New Order

goes to throw it with the shovel ?

maybe Armageddon is being prepared for a safari?

the oligarchs and rulers have no need

in anti-nuclear they will hide hold

Spiritual leadership always hypnotized

weapons elaborately to the warlike offers

by the doctrines the peoples are fanatical

dwarf politicians, ignorant and afraid

West and East in deadly confrontation have fallen

and the peoples in their midst wear the “fezz”

only the oligarchs and bankers are happy

But perhaps for the first time a ray of light shines through

standing youth on foot NO to war shouts

the people want Peace respect for International Law

and Justice stop the genocide

in Gaza and Ukraine

War is destructive

both for the Palestinian and for Obrios

both to the Russian and to the Ukrainian

expensive even for the European

and the third world

turns him into a hungry immigrant

It is profitable for arms dealers and oilmen

the multinationals, the money markets, the emirs and the kings

the war is condemned by the celebrants today

after an abomination, the fathers celebrating tomorrow also exorcise him

Grandparents want peace, and grandmothers want peace

back imperialists and warmongering masqueraders


*Amfiktyon is Major General Konstantinos Konstantinidis

Writer, Member of the Society of Greek Writers

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