Written by Konstantinos Konstantinidis Amfiktyon

Everyone tastes in their pocket the constant increase in prices and the accuracy that is constantly eating into our income. Decadent parties and fake channels are now seeing it lately, but no one asked about the reason for the accuracy?

It is the war in Ukraine and the conflicts in the Middle East that are now telling us vaguely. And how does war affect accuracy?

Did it simply disrupt supply chains like Covid 19 did? Who has an interest in breaking these chains? Only the people have no interest but maximum loss

But let’s look briefly at the individual causes of accuracy?

1/ Europe’s supply of cheap energy (gas, oil) stopped due to the disruption of Europe-Russia relations

2/ Europe’s supply of foodstuffs (grains, fertilizers, meat, etc.) from Ukraine has decreased due to the war

3/ The supply of grain, fertilizers, raw materials, rare earths, etc. to Europe from Russia was interrupted due to the Western embargo

4/ Europe’s bilateral trade with Russia was suspended

Because of the embargo

The conflict in the Middle East caused the disruption of the international trade chain and energy because

a/ The embargo on Iran and the dangerousness of the Straits of Hormuz which are controlled by Iran increased the price of fuel

b/ The action of the Shia Houthi rebels of Yemen stopped the world shipping and the supply chain through the Red Sea and the Suez Canal and forced the ships to make the crossing of Africa through the Cape of Good Hope. This results in a steep increase in fares. insurance premiums, delay in cargo delivery, etc.

At first everything seems normal to the ignorant. They are due to the confrontation between the West and the East (Iran, Russia and China) But we are making a mistake somewhere. Because the geopolitical interests of the West are not common. Those of the USA are not the same as those of Europe. Economic interests diverge from American interests

Europe lacks its own defense and security and expects NATO to protect it if it is attacked by foreign forces (Russia, Turkey, Iran, China). It lacks energy and is supplied with the very expensive LNG from the USA. He lacks raw materials and runs to Africa to find them.

But it is not certain that the Americans will come to protect the interests of Europe, as they did in WWII, if they do not have an interest in the conflict. Even now they cannot help the EU financially because the USA is also bankrupt. If Mr. Trump becomes president, as it seems, they will pay a heavy price to NATO for their security. Everything has to do with geopolitics

According to the English geographer Halford Mackind (1905), the world is defined geopolitically by the “Island” (‘Rimland’) and the “Great Continent” (‘Heartland’). The USA as a maritime state, following the English doctrine, has literally lived with military bases Eurasia from the Arctic, Gibraltar, Crete, Cyprus, Israel, Suez, {- Aden}, Straits of Malacca, to Japan and with these bases they are now isolating and tightening Iran, Russia and China. Aden used to be a British colony which is now under the control of the Shiite Houthis. They are equipped by Iran, but according to Professor of Geopolitics Mr. Yannis Mazis, they are financed by Qatar, as are Hamas, Hezbollah and even Turkey. Mr. Netanyahu himself was accused by the Israeli press of financing Hamas.

And here the reasonable questions arise:

1/ Is it possible to escape from US control such a vital strategic point as Aden, which controls 30-35% of world trade?

2/ How does it allow Qatar, which is known to be involved in all dirty jobs and is a very important financial center, to finance terrorist organizations such as Houthi, Hamas, Hezbollah?

3/ Do US interests benefit from wars and blockade because they hold Europe hostage? Because only Europe is harmed. According to the Mackind doctrine, Europe should never get close to Russia and China, because if this happens, it will be a disaster for the USA. Because whoever owns Eurasia owns the whole World.

Now let everyone draw their own conclusions

– Why does Europe have puppet leaders?

-Why does it depend on NATO (that is, the USA) for its defense and does it not have its own foreign, defense and security policy?

– Why can’t he stop the migration flows?

– Why are we troubled by accuracy without being able to deal with it?

-Why is Turkey’s anti-system attitude tolerated by the US?

– Why is this “Hollywood” Israel-Iran war being played out in the Middle East? Maybe to hide Gaza?

  – Why did the betrayals against our country happen (Cyprus, Macedonia, Imia, Memoirs, etc.) – Why did Mr. Mitsotakis sign the Loatki law when the Greek people, even his own party, were strongly against it? – Why is Europe finally in a prolonged paralysis, decline and tending to become a third world country? Great and undisputed is the US State and all other vassals. odd even wins (4/20/24)

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