Dear Ms Spahn


Thank you for your very important  letter. All the time I am fighting to  give  the people the new spirit that is based on the change of old way of thinking and adopting the new mind for a better and more justice world . It is certain that a great change has happened all over  the world and made the geopolitics  shift from the west to the east  as well as

from US and Europe to the China and Russia.  However the shift of geopolitics toward   destruction of nations  through financial manipulations and wars is  responsible for the fall of democracy and the traditional values. For Greece,  being in the crossroad of geopolitics, every change in balance between the superpowers  was destructive. This happened before the A’  and  B’ W.W , the same during the Cold War and   now that is   happening the new shift. I could say that is so rapid the transformation that have overthrown even the truth  ,  logic and democracy.

Therefore, they have changed  even the economical terms and instead of development of the real economy for the benefit of human beings they make money from the money through the Wall Street and stock exchanges,  theft tricks , the betting,   the babbles , the  ruining of   banks and   calling the states to reimburse that means the people.   Greece is a great victim and experimental animal  of those theft policies imposed by the IME , ECB and E.U (troika) that  enforced  the people to pay the huge dept of banks in order to save    them from bankruptcy from    the hot stocks and dept.

In my country nobody asked the people if they agree or not for the three criminal memorandum and the imposing of  strict surveillance and control of   lender until 2060 .  We are in a second German  occupation that is not limited in economic matters, but has to do with the Greek sovereignty , pressure to abolish our national interests in Macedonia-and not only- The present agreement with Scopians naming them “Macedonia” and giving  to slavs  the “macedonian” identity, language ,  nationality  and Alexander civilization that is Greek .

This is a great lie since Greece  has the legitimate titles of Macedonia (Scopian was the ancient Paionia or Vardaska) This is a plan  to change the present borders in Balkan in order  to create the “Free Great Macedonia”  including the territories of : (Greek 51%, Scopian 45% and Bulgarian 4%)

under the German  influence. . The Hellenic Macedonia has more than 2500 years life, in contrary to  the Scopian state that has 70 years life.

Personally, I fully support the Silk Road Policy of China and write  and publish for it.  However Greece will be the last country  to enter and adopt this policy- despite  is in favor of  our well known and long range  interests-because we are not free state.

We  do not have a free government,   free parliament and  our   economy   is dead.

Greece is under heavy German occupation with the support  of    U.S and the E.U . We face so severe problems of survival    as  persons  ,    community  and  the state. So we  are not able to affect the foreign and economical policy that is not made in Greece for the Greek people’s  interest, but by the foreigners and lender for their predator and geopolitics interests

Long range policy does not exist in  my country  . Everything is up to the troika , memorandum , Eurogroup and Euroworking Group and lately up to the Germany that give the orders to  its ‘lakes’ anarcho-fascist “leftish” government of Athens to make treason   agreements

We have a government of fully undemocratic , ignoring the people’s will and doing what the foreign center of power wants.

So let me reverse your last proposition:

“Please help us to organize to make these webcasts available to growing numbers of  people, to bring new activists into the fight for the freedom of the Creek people from the political, economical and cultural occupation of lender ,in order to face  the all around threats  against of our sovereignty and integrity , the huge dept that created the governments ot traitors and collaborators with the foreign predators etc. Finally to restore the democracy in Greece that is sliding to anarchy and fascism and obtain freedom from German occupation”

I apologize to appear a hidden truth

Friendly Yours

Konstantinos Konstantinidis-Amphiktyon

Major General Retired- Author

Member of the Hellenic Literature Association

Schiller Institute

Weekly Webcast with
Helga Zepp LaRouche
Thursday, June 21, 2018, Noon EDT, 6 PM CET



Dear Mr Konstantinidis,

There is an ongoing transformational shift underway in the world, as the era of geopolitics, with its destruction of nations through financial manipulations and wars, is being challenged by the emergence of a new era of “win-win” policies of mutual benefit, spearheaded by China’s Belt and Road Initiative.  Developments in Asia, with the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in China, provide examples which show that peaceful economic cooperation is not only possible, but is already underway.  The benefits of this new era can be seen in new infrastructure projects throughout Eurasia, Africa, and in South and Central America, and the clamor to be included is also heard now in a number of nations in Europe.

The growing likelihood of a Trump-Putin summit is part of this new geometry, an indication that the U.S. President is breaking out of the containment intended by the fraudulent, so-called Russiagate allegations.  For this moment of great opportunity to be realized, there must be an elevation in both the capabilities of creative thinking, and passionate activation, of citizens of all nations.  Helga Zepp LaRouche’s weekly webcasts are a critical part of elevating populations to the level required by this promising moment of history.

Help us organize to make these webcasts available to growing numbers of people, to bring new activists into the fight for the New Paradigm each week.

Sincerely yours,

Barbara Spahn

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